About Us

Welcome to Barsana Club, a non-alcoholic family environment with exotic pure vegetarian cuisine, where excellent service, splendid facilities and expert coaching is available.

At Barsana, boredom is prohibited and wellness is washed away. Barsana is an exclusive club. Its wide range of leisure activities and limited membership ensure that the facilities are always always available for the members. This is because, for the people at Barsana, leisure is a too valuable commodity to be wasted in waiting. Barsana is for people who look forward to rejuvenate themselves everyday, after a hard day's work. It also value their privacy, live upto their leisure hours, who would gladly succumb to Barsana's law of leisure.

A complete family club offers tranquil settings to accommodate everything you need to work out, get fit, relax, unwind and socialize with family and friends. With first-class banquet facilities, state-of-the-art gym equipment, luxurious swimming and spa areas, exotic pure vegetarian restaurant, health and a wealth of social events - Barsana club relay does have a lot.